Leading with Finance for Women: Financial Analysis to Level Up Your Career

September 20 | 1:00 PM

Can you relate? Or Maybe A Woman You Know?


“I’m a new leader. I’m solid when it comes to my field but the finance side…the business side of things could use some work. I need to understand what’s most relevant to focus on when it comes to the organization’s finances. How do I get there?”     


“I am good at my job and also bored with it, maybe even felling a little stuck. I’m ready for more challenging assignments. How do I get opportunities to work on new projects to bring meaning back to my work and help my career? Or even prepare me for a next-level position?”  


“I’m in meetings where we’re talking about strategic imperatives and profitability for the company. I understand some of the conversations but I’m not comfortable enough to jump in. I need to learn some essential information about finance, so I can confidently get in the conversation and show my boss I really understand what’s most important to the company.”   


If you said yes to any of the above, then stop right now and register for my FinStat Practice Lab Masterclass this weekend for your solution! In the masterclass, I’ll show you:

  • why financial analysis skills can strengthen your career path
  • three misconceptions and three truths about learning financial analysis
  • my frameworks to learn and practice financial analysis (how I learned it!)
  • my 5-module approach to learn financial analysis
  • how my online financial analysis course stands-out among others.

Why would you stop yourself from exploring how to bring meaning back to your work, fill a gap in your leadership skills, or get recognized as a star contributor?  

Come see what learning financial analysis can do for your career!

Join me in the Masterclass, this coming Sunday! It’s FREE!

And if you cannot make the Masterclass, schedule a one-on-on chat with me about the course. You can schedule here: https://finstatpracticediscovery.as.me/.

Who’s the course for:

  • Novices unfamiliar with financial statements and analysis
  • Mid-level and above corporate and nonprofit professional women in any industry

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