‘I was her shadow’: As millions cry for justice, Breonna Taylor’s sister faces her own quiet grief

Before Breonna Taylor was a name chanted in the streets and scrawled on signs, before she was a face emblazoned on street murals and the cover of Oprah’s magazine, before she was the reason millions of Americans started clamoring for criminal charges to be brought against four Louisville police officers, before she came to symbolize the Black lives incomprehensibly snuffed out by law enforcement, she was Ju’Niyah Palmer’s sister — her companion, role model and confidante.

“She was my person,” Palmer, 20, told The Washington Post in an interview. “I was her shadow.”

And then, in a matter of minutes, Taylor was gone, and it all felt so impossible that Palmer couldn’t believe it had really happened. Taylor had been shot to death by Louisville police officersin her own apartment — their apartment.

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