Doni Crawford Explores Equity Issues at the DC Fiscal Policy Institute

Meet Doni Crawford, the co-author of the “The Black Burden of COVID-19” and “What Does COVID-19 Mean for the Survival of Black-Owned Businesses?“, both featured in a DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI) blog series on COVID-19’s impact on the District’s Black residents.

Since January 2019, Doni has been a policy analyst at DCFPI focusing on the areas of affordable housing and workforce development. DCFPI is a non-profit organization that promotes budget choices that address DC’s racial and economic inequities through independent research and policy. She is passionate about amplifying and addressing the ways in which racist public policies and private actions created residential segregation and socioeconomic conditions in many Black communities today. In addition to the previously mentioned blog posts, Doni has co-authored at DCFPI, Black Workers Matter: How the District’s History of Exploitation & Discrimination Continues to Harm Black Workers.

Prior to joining DCFPI, Doni worked at Neighborhood Allies where she co-led the implementation of All-In Pittsburgh, a collaborative regional strategy to achieve equitable development by ensuring that everyone participates in and benefits from the region’s economic transformation.

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