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Entrust black women and watch us change the world


In Venture Capital, only 2% of capital goes to U.S. -based female-only founder teams.  Of the 2%, women of color get only a fraction.

Women of color hold only 4.6% of board seats in Fortune 500 companies.

In 2019, Black women working full-time earned 62 cents for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men earned.

In this moment when the country is navigating a global pandemic and the continued onslaught of racial injustice, many organizations have grappled with how to take meaningful action. WCCD recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to overcome these obstacles and create equitable outcomes, but there’s one way to start: entrust Black women. Throughout history, Black women have exhibited leadership that leads to positive change – often in the midst of unthinkable challenges. Research tells us that Black women are more educated than most demographics, own a growing number of successful businesses, have incredible spending power, proven influence at the polls, and are more likely to be the breadwinners.  Yet Black women continue to be underestimated, underrepresented and undervalued. It is time for the world to see us as assets and take action to acknowledge our value.

Entrust Black Women (EBW) is an initiative designed to amplify Black women’s expertise, skills, and insights and support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in our region. EBW provides a platform for WCCD members to share their stories, tap into employment opportunities, and participate in exclusive learning and networking sessions with regional and local leaders who are serious about building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) throughout their organizations.

Your story matters.
Your expertise matters.
Your skills matter.
Together we change the world.


The first component of EBW is a storytelling campaign that allows WCCD members to share their unique perspectives on what this initiative means personally and professionally. This collection of insights will live on WCCD’s website and be featured on our other communication platforms.

Interested in participating? Respond to one (or more) of the following questions. Please submit your responses (400 words max) via the form linked below:


Accelerate Your Career

In addition to the communications component, the campaign will include the launch of WCCD’s Career Accelerator. The accelerator is a resource specifically designed for our members seeking employment opportunities across the community development sector. This added benefit provides inclusion in a resume bank and one-on-one career coaching with an expert consultant. Employers seeking to hire women of color can opt in as EBW partners, which grants them access to the resume bank, and an ongoing relationship with WCCD as our membership continues to grow in numbers and industry representation. Participation in the bank is an included benefit to Sustaining Members, and offered for an annual fee to

Associate Members. 

Active Sustaining Members: Submit your resume to to be added to the resume bank and to receive the link to schedule your Career Accelerator consultation. If you have not yet renewed your membership, you can renew your membership here and submit your resume to

Active Associate Members: Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member ($350/year); or submit your regular membership renewal ($100) and the EBW Career Accelerator fee ($100) here, and your resume to

Keep The Conversation Going

WCCD will also host programming throughout the year aligned with the goals of EBW. These sessions will allow regional corporations and businesses to share steps they are taking to ensure a DEI platform is integrated within their organizations. Further, these events will provide exclusive networking opportunities for our members seeking to advance their careers. Keep an eye out for program updates on WCCD’s calendar. Not receiving our email updates? Send us a message to be added to the distribution list.

Tap Into the Network

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